Water is the element that makes us fluid and alive in every way. Scientists believe we evolved from the ocean so our connection to water is fundamental. Adults are made up of 70% water. Teens 75% children 75 to 80% and infants are made up of sometimes as much as 90% water. Obviously how or whether or not we hydrate is important. When you drink good water you are helping your system run efficiently. It can cure a headache, make you alert and often when we feel hunger pangs it is water we need not food. Water helps you stay balanced and detoxifies you when you are ill.

What do we mean by good water? Water that is clean and pure. Water out of the tap is not your best choice. It is filled with chemicals and hormones… toxins that aren’t good for you. Good water is often bottled and we personally like to know that it comes from a natural spring… deep in the earth. How it is bottled is important as well. Buying water in flimsy plastic is not good… plastic contains petrochemicals estrogen and BPA’s. Try to buy water in glass… Voss water, Saratoga Springs and even Smart water now comes in glass in some places. They are other choices if you look into it. If you can’t find bottled water in glass then buy plastic that is not as unhealthy…. plastic that has a triangle on the bottom (recycling triangle) and a PT 1 on it is best. Fiji water, though I don’t like that it has traveled so far from the US to get here (high carbon foot print), is a good quality water and they use a plastic that is not harmful for you. When we buy water in plastic we transfer it into glass ASAP. We have some beautiful blue glass bottles that have words like balance, energy, optimum health and peace inscribed on them… water holds a frequency and when it has kind or positive words near it… it actually affects the energy of the water and it is better for you.

Buy a filter system for your home or at least for your kitchen sink so that you can filter out toxins. Use that water for drinking, tea kettles and cooking. We installed a full house system because we want good water for our skin too. LifeSource is the system that we bought and so far it is very effective. The water is drinkable plus it is softer and less harsh on our body and hair. Your skin is the largest absorption organ of the body so the water you clean in matters. Did you know that you ingest several quarts of water over a year’s time when you brush your teeth? Before we had a house filtration system we used bottled water in the bathroom for brushing. We also had a separate filter for our shower. We even travel with a filter and wrench so we can replace the showerhead on the road in a hotel room. Okay, so we are a little crazy!

Most people are dehydrated and don’t even know it. If you are really thirsty you are already well past dehydrated. Drink consistently throughout the day. Drink water when you first get up in the morning… the nights sleep has used up your fluid and drinking water is the first thing you should do to start your day. We drink structured water which means we put it into a pitcher called a Vitalizer Plus that has a tray of minerals at the bottom and it spins your water. It literally turns it into functional water. The H2O becomes mineralized and full of vitality. Structured water actually hydrates your cells more because the movement and minerals creates molecules that your cells can recognize and absorb more efficiently.

5 Tips about Water

1. If you feel hungry drink a large glass of water… more likely you are dehydrated not hungry.

2. If you have a headache, don’t reach for an aspirin, drink water and see if it clears up…often dehydration is the cause.

3. Buy a filter system for your house or your kitchen sink and your shower…watch your skin and hair shine plus cooking is tastier and coffee and tea taste better.

4. Drink out of glass as often as possible… water holds energy and glass is pure and keeps water healthy… positive words on the glass will inform your water with a healing message.

5. When you have LOW energy take a cold plunge… cold shower or bath, cold ocean, lake, river or stream. It fills you with energy and gives new life to your body and mind.